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Adding CareerBuilder Job Skin Without Company Profile

CareerBuilder Job Skin settings in the HireCentric ATS.

Step One:
In order to use skins on your CareerBuilder postings, you must contact your CareerBuilder Advocate/Representative and ensure that you are set up with this option.

After you are completely set up, you will need to get the ”skin code” from your CareerBuilder Advocate/Representative. You will need to know the Job Skin Code and not the Job Skin Name.

Step Two:               
Add the Job Skin Code to the CareerBuilder Settings area on the Job Template or Job Board Push page for each listing.

Adding the Job Skin Code to the Job Template:

* Adding the Job Skin Code to the job template will allow you to pull the Job Skin Code into the Job Board Push page for each job listing you create from that job template.

Adding the Job Skin Code directly to the Job Board Push page: