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Adding Reports and ATS Pages to Favorites Bar

To make accessing frequently used reports even more efficient, Admin level users may add various reports to the Favorites Bar.

This is similar to bookmarking a favorite item. Here are the steps:

  1. Maneuver to your preferred report in the Reports dashboard. In this example, we'll use the Search By Name report on the Standard Reports tab. Click View next to the report name.

  2. Click Add This Report To My Favorites at the top of the report screen.

  3.  You will see a confirmation appear on your screen. Click OK. Close the report browser tab to return to your original Standard Reports tab screen. Refresh your browser view.
  4. After you refresh your browser you will see the report listed on your Favorites Bar on the left side.

You may add multiple reports to your Favorites Bar.

You may also favorite other frequently accessed areas of your ATS. To add other types of pages to the Favorites Bar click on the "Favorites" link at the right side of your Favorites Bar while you are on the page you would like to add to Favorites. Click Add This Page.

This is also the link you may use to access the edit and remove features using the Edit Favs option.

When you click Edit Favs you will be taken to the Favorites tab​ of the Account Dashboard Use the magnifying glass next to the favorite to edit the settings or the X icon to remove.