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Administrator: Using the Send Emails Option to Communicate with Applicants

The ATS offers you an organized way of communicating with your applicants as they proceed through the various stages of the application process.

You can create customized templates to send messages to your applicants.  Using the Send Emails feature you can view the history of the email templates sent to each applicant and from that same screen, send one or more applicants a particular email template.

First, click on the Applicants Dashboard, and then click on the magnifying glass of the job listing in which you want to view the applicants.  If you do not see the job listing you desire, click the drop down box, Filter By, and select the job listing of your choice.

Once you have selected the job listing, click the Send Emails Tab. You will see a list of the applicants for this job title as well as their email history. The Email Template name, Date sent, and Sent By information are provided.

There are several ways to filter the applicants if you would like to expand or reduce the number of applicants displayed.

  1. Status: This field allows you to sort applicants by current application status.
  2. Active: This field allows you to sort by Active, Archived or Both. Archived means that the applicant(s) have been removed from the User's Active view.
  3. Date Range: This field allows you to sort applicants by the date range of submitted applications. The date ranges available are: Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 120 Days or All.
  4. Met BQ: This field allows you to sort applicants by those who did and did not meet basic qualifications established after using Scoring and/or Disqualification filters.
  5. Job Question Score Above: This field allows you to input a baseline score from which all applicants displayed meet or exceed after using Scoring and/or Disqualification filters.
  6. Completion Level: This field allows you to sort applicant by a completed or incomplete application status.
  7. Sort By: (Date is shown in image above.) This field allows you to sort by Date, Last Name, Status, or Job Question Score.
*Please note: After using any of the filters, 1-7, click Refresh to update your results.

In this tab you can send an email template to one or more applicants. First select your applicant(s) by checking in the box to the left of the applicant's name. Then select the email template you want to send from the drop down menu in the lower right corner of the page.

Once you have selected your email template you will be brought to a new window where you can review and customize the text of the email. Click "Send Email" to send the email to the selected applicant(s).

You will see a notice providing confirmation of the completed email. If you refresh your view of the Send Emails Tab you will see the email history updated to include your newly sent email.