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Applicant Stage Changes

Application stages can be made individually or by performing a mass change. 

Individual Application Stage Update


  • Begin by selecting the applicant using the filter options available. To open the Application Detail, click on the applicant name.
  • Change the Application Stage using the Stage drop down menu. The Advancement Reason pop up box will appear. Select an Advancement Reason and click CONFIRM.
  • Select an Advancement Reason and click CONFIRM.
  • The Quick Advance feature may be used to change the status of all applications submitted by the applicant for the indicated location only.

Mass Application Stage Update


  • To make a mass change to the Application Stage select the applicants by checking the box next to the applicant name to activate the mass action buttons.
  • Use the Application Stage menu to select a new application stage for the selected applications. 
  • A pop-up box will appear to confirm the selected changes. No reasons can be entered and the Quick Advance option is not available.