Applicant Tips for Selective Hiring Assessments

If an organization utilizes Selective Hiring Assessments, applicants may be asked to complete an assessment in connection with their application.

  • The applicant may receive an on screen invitation and email invitation, or only an emailed invitation.

  • The applicant will use the link(s)/button(s) provided to access the assessment.
  • The applicant will begin by completing the profile information.

  • Select the assessment to be completed.
  • Complete the assessment questions. All questions are required.
  • If the applicant needs to step away from the assessment prior to completing, use the LOGOUT option in the upper right.

  • To Log into the assessment to complete at a later time, use the link received in the original email to access the assessment site. Enter name and email address. A login code will be emailed to you. Use the login code to access the assessment account.

  • Select the assessment to continue.

  • Once all assessment questions have been answered the applicant will see a Thank You appear on their page.

Applicant can take each assessment only once per year.