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Apply on Job Listing Optional Feature

Are you concerned about missing out on first-time applicants for certain highly competitive positions? If you're in a market where highly sought after applicants have little patience to click even one button to apply for positions, why not shorten the process for them? With the ATS, you may take advantage of an optional feature that allows new applicants to your organization to begin their employment application right at the bottom of the job listing page.

Here's How it Looks:
Once an applicant clicks on a specific job title to view a job description within your ATS site, he or she will encounter a shortened version of the first part of your employment application:

Once the applicant completes the short list of fields, including pasting in resume text, he/she will encounter the following screen after clicking the "Submit" button. NOTE: With regards to the "Resume" section, you may ask ExactHire Client Success to rename this field to another name; or, you may ask us to turn it off altogether (after all, the applicant will have the ability to upload a resume file after selecting "Submit").

Once a candidate selects the "Submit" button, the next screen prompts the individual to note the temporary password and/or save a new password for his/her ATS candidate profile account.
Once the applicant is lured in to completing your employment application, he/she may continue with the remaining sections (which can certainly include a required resume file upload if you want something more than his/her pasted in resume text). In the image above, the job listing is attached to a two-step application...so there are few remaining sections for the applicant to complete in this first phase of the application process. Click here for more information about our two-step application option.

What if an Existing Applicant in Your Portal Tries to Use This Feature?
If an existing applicant accesses your site and reviews new job listings before logging into his/her candidate profile account, then he/she will be able to start the apply on job option for a new listing. However, as soon as that applicant enters an email address that he/she has previously used in the ATS, the following red text message will appear prompting the individual to log in to his/her existing account to continue applying.