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ATS and iframing

Your ATS site has been programmed in such a way that it will not successfully support the use of frames consistently.

Although ExactHire is not trying to stop a client from trying to frame in their ExactHire careers page, we cannot guarantee that all features will actually function properly inside a client’s frame. As a result, ExactHire cannot offer technical support for issues that arise as a result of framing. ExactHire has programmed features that will effectively break the frame when an applicant tries to view a job listing or apply for a job. To understand in more detail, below are some reasons as to why we do not support the use of frames.


Our application page uses SSL security. This can cause some issues with potential applicants who come to the site through a frame. Although the application page inside of the frame is https secure, the browser window on the client site will be http insecure.  Therefore, the browser window will not switch the browser lock on to show the applicant that the page is, in fact, secure. Some browsers that do see the SSL may even display an error because the SSL certificate is registered to hirecentric.com or plansource.com, which doesn’t match the client’s URL.

Search Engine Optimization

The goal of search engine optimization is to allow as many pages and job listings as possible from your careers site to be listed with high rankings.  Proper search engine optimization can result in the generation of extra applicants for your jobs. The use of frames causes the search engines that land on your careers page to view the entire careers site as a single page, instead of viewing each job listing as its own separate page that needs indexed. This means that the use of frames will result in fewer actual job listings pages indexed in Google™, improper listing of the information from those pages in Google, and lower search rankings for the pages that do get listed. The net result will be less “free” search engine traffic being delivered to your career pages.

For more information about how our SEO feature works assuming framing is not employed, please see:

Using an XML Feed as an Alternative to Framing

If your goal is ultimately to keep applicants on your company site for as long as possible, then you may consider embedding one of your ATS site’s existing XML feeds into your company site as an alternative. Here’s a standard feed you may access, below. Simply substitute “yourcompany” for the subdomain of your own client ATS site.