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Automatic Applicant Status Assignment

If you are interested in the ability to have certain status codes assigned automatically based on whether an applicant meets your basic requirements (BQs) for a position, then that feature can be enabled within the ATS.

If interested, please contact support@exacthire.com to have this option enabled in your account.

Once enabled, you may indicate which status codes should be automatically assigned within the Statuses tab of your Settings dashboard. At the bottom of the tab, choose which status should be automatically assigned when applicants do meet basic requirements, as well as the status assignment preference for applicants who do not meet BQs.

Basic qualifications are determined based on any Scoring and Disqualification Filters you utilize on either standard or job-specific application questions. If you do not utilize any of these filters, then this automatic status assignment option will not work in your site.

Once you have set up your status auto-assignment preferences, as new applicants apply they will be automatically assigned the appropriate status. For example, a candidate who does meet BQs when first viewed within an applicant list in the ATS.

And, a candidate who does not meet BQs.

Please note that the initial status assignment does not prevent a user from assigning an applicant subsequent different statuses as one proceeds through the selection process.