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Best Practices: Do I Archive the Job Listing or the Applicants or Both?

A frequently asked question is, “Do I archive my job listing… or the applicant… or both?” The way someone operates within the HireCentric ATS system is one of preference.

How do you like to see your system? How many others are interacting within your system? Can you set a standard to be followed by all users?

Here at ExactHire, we have a Best Practice we like to follow. The process is outlined below and focuses only on archiving.

Managing Applicants While the Job Listing Is Live

Managing Applicants Once the Job Listing Is Closed

Managing Applicants Once the Job Listing Is Filled

Once all applicants have been given a status and archived, then we archive our job listing. For us, it is a sequential elimination practice. If a job listing is unarchived, then there must be some action to be taken before we consider that job ‘done’. If an applicant is still visible once the job listing has closed, that means (to us) that they are still being considered for the position.

Keep in mind, archiving the job listing has nothing to do with the job being visible to applicants. The start/end dates are what control the closing of the job listing. Closing a job listing pulls the listing from the applicant’s jobs page. An unarchived job listing on the admin side does not automatically mean that applicants can continue to apply.

In order to find the perfect applicant, we find it helpful to reduce the ‘noise’ as much as possible which is why using archiving throughout the entire process is valuable.