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Change a User Password

If you forget your password, there is a Forgot Your Password?

With all the passwords we use daily, it is inevitable at some point in time that we will forget our password. Access to your portal is password protected and secure.  (Always keep your password to any account confidential!)  If you forget your password, there is a Forgot Your Password? link below the login box on your User login page.

Once you click the Forgot Your Password? link, it will bring you to a new window where you will input your email address associated with your account.  After you have typed your email address in the blank field, click Send New Password.    

Go to your email account and look for an email coming from the sender:  no-reply@applicantemail.com.

Once you have found that email, open the email, and click on the link within the body of the email to change your password.  See an example email below.

Once you have clicked on the link, a message with your new password will be displayed. Click the Go to Login Screen link to sign in with the new automatically generated password you received.  After you login, you will then need to change your password to one that you know and will keep secure.

Here is how you change your password.

In the top right corner, you will see a set of icons.  Click on the ACCOUNT dashboard.

After clicking, ACCOUNT, the window (shown below) will appear with your personal information.  In the box (yellow highlight below), enter your NEW PASSWORD (1).  Your password should be a mix of upper and lower characters along with numeric and special characters (example:  % ! & * # ).  Once you have created your new password, click UPDATE ACCOUNT INFORMATION (2).


You have access to change the password of your employees, if needed, who are Users in your portal. (Click for more information on the types of Users and the different access levels for Users in the ATS.) Employees:  After your Administrator changes your password, please follow these steps to change your password.  

Helpful Hint for Administrators:  If a user ever leaves your company and you want to deny him/her further access to the system, simply change his/her password in the system and archive that user by selecting the Red Arrow next to the name.

To change the password for an employee, go to the USERS dashboard.

Select the User you are seeking by clicking the Magnifying Glass to the left of his/her name.

You can edit the User's password in the screen below.  (1) Input the new password in the Password field. (2) Click Update.