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Communicate with an Applicant - Messages

Users have the ability to send and receive communication with the applicant in the MESSAGES tab of the Application Detail.

Messages allows for sending/receiving of communication to/from the applicant through email or SMS message. 

When applicants create their application, they have the ability to opt into receiving SMS messages about their submitted application. PLEASE NOTE:  if the applicant does not opt into receiving SMS messages the feature will not be available for selection in the Messages.

  • Users may create a unique message in the Messages area or use a previously created Communication Template. 
  • To create a unique message in the message box, use the Placeholders and formatting options provided. To use Placeholders click on the desired placeholder(s).
  • To create a message using a template, click Use Communication Template. Select the previously created Communication Template by name and/or subject line.
  • Email messages may include attachments by using Upload Files. This will open a browse option allowing the user to select the needed document(s).
  • Use the down arrow to select Send as SMS to send the message to the applicant in an SMS (text message) format. 
PLEASE NOTE:  This option becomes available only if the applicant has elected to opt into receiving SMS messages during the application process.  
  • Applicants will have the ability to respond to the user through email and/or SMS Message. Responses from the applicant will be tracked chronologically on both the Activity and Messages tabs.