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Configuration for Clients with Multiple Job Subportals

HireCentric ATS supports the ability for companies to have more than one uniquely branded careers site...each of which still tree up to the same master organizational account.

For some organizations with multiple divisions with unique identities, having just one jobs portal sometimes isn't enough. If you're unsure about whether having more than one portal is right for your business, check out our blog: How to Customize an Applicant Tracking System for Multiple Divisions in Your Organization

Otherwise, see the guide and corresponding notes below to better understand how the ATS may be configured to support many different entities within your company.

Parent Organization

Regardless of how many subportals you use to brand multiple divisions, you may view ALL job listings for your entire organization by directing applicants to a specific URL - i.e. https://yourcompany.hirecentric.com/jobsbyorganization (replace "yourcompany" with the subdomain used in any of your job portal URLs.

Typical access at this level:  Master HR Admin

Divisions - Subportals
Use a different subportal for each division if you wish to:
  • individually brand career pages & URLs for separate divisions
  • keep applicants from different divisions completely separate from one another (i.e. applications cannot be ported from one division/portal to the other)
  • optionally restrict Basic HR Admin user access to one division’s subportal
Typical user access at this level:  Basic HR Admin (or Master HR Admin if your company uses only one job portal)

Branches - Parent Business Units
Use parent business units to separate jobs and restrict user access by branches, regions, etc. For example, a Vice President may need access to jobs and applicants for an entire functional area like Sales.

Typical user access at this level:  Posting & Non-Posting Managers assigned to Parent Business Unit and each Child Business Unit that resides in their functional area(s).

Departments - Child Business Units

Use child business units to further separate jobs and restrict user access by individual departments. For example, an Inside Sales Manager reporting to the regional Vice President mentioned in the above example should only have access to applicants and/or job listings in his/her own department (Inside Sales) rather than all of the Sales area.

Typical user access at this level:  Posting, Non-Posting & Viewing Managers assigned to Child Business Unit.
Individual Applicants
Assign individual applicants to specific ATS users for review.

Typical user access at this level:  Assigned Users