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Copy a Job

Users with the proper permissions have the ability to Copy a Job to create a new Job.

  • To copy a job, begin by locating the original job in the JOBS view.
  • Open the Job Details by clicking on the Job Title in the JOBS view.
  • Click COPY JOB.
  • Click CONFIRM to continue with the copy of the job.
  • Click the provided link to open the newly created job and click FINISH to complete the copy of the job. 
  • A new job will be created with the title of “Copy of [original job title]”. 

The following fields will be copied to the new job:

  • Job Title with the addition of “Copy of”.
  • Internal Job Id
  • Location
  • Job Category
  • EEO-1 Job Category
  • Employment Type
  • Job Description
  • Benefits
  • Compensation Type
  • Min and Max Compensation
  • Job Type
  • Exempt Status
  • Application Templates
  • Job Questions Groups
  • Access Tags
  • Hiring Team
  • Any Job Integration settings

The following fields will not be copied to the new job:

  • Job Status - The new Job’s Status will be Draft.
  • Promote - New job board selections will need to be created.
  • Notes - New notes will need to be created.
  • Job Activity - Activity will track with information specific to the newly created job and provide a quick link to the original job.

  • Edit the newly created job by altering the Job Title, Internal Job Id, job description, etc. Click SAVE.