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Create a Communication Template

Users sending a fair amount of correspondence to applicants may take advantage of the ability to add communication templates for consistency and to increase efficiency.

Users have the ability to create Communication Templates to be used by the team.

  1. To create a new Communication Template begin in the Settings area.
  2. Click on Communication Templates.
  3. Click New Communication Template to add a new Communication Template.
  4. Select General in the Create As menu.
  5. In the provided form enter the Communication Template Name (internal use), Email Subject, and body of the message into the appropriate fields. 
    1. Placeholders have been provided for use in customizing the emails to the recipient using applicant data. Click on the desired Placeholder in the subject line and/or body of the message.
    2. Use the available text formatting tools provided, as needed.
  6. Click SAVE.
    1. Confirmation of the creation of the Incomplete Application Reminder Communication Template will appear on screen.
    2. To Edit the Communication Template click the More Options button and EDIT.
  7. To Delete the Communication Template click the More Options button and DELETE.