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Create a Job Link

To promote a job using the Create Job Link, locate the job in the JOBS view by using the available filters. 

  • Click on the job title to open the Job Details. Use the PROMOTE tab to access the Create a Job Link tool.

Please note: the job must be in an ACTIVE status in order to use the features on the PROMOTE tab.

  • The Create a Job Link feature allows for the creation of a shareable link with source tracking code that can be shared on social media or in other directly created job ads. The link will return applicants to the ExactHire ATS Software to submit their application. The ExactHire ATS will track the source of the applicant based on this link.
  • Begin typing the name of the source into the menu. 
    • If the source is currently in the list, simply select the source. 
    • If the source is not currently in the list, select the (Create New) option. The new source will be added to the list and immediately selected.
  • Upon selecting the source the custom link will automatically be refreshed in the display box. Copy (CTRL+C or right click/copy) the link to be used in the post.
  • Log into the social media platform or other job ad source to create the job ad. Paste (CTRL+V or right click/paste) the source link into the job ad.