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Create a Job Listing

When it is time to fill a vacant position within your organization you can post the vacant position to your organization's jobs page by creating a Job Listing in your ATS portal.

Start on the Jobs Dashboard, Job Listings Tab with the PLUS icon to add a new Job Listing.

Select a Job Template that you have already created or New Job Template, to create something new.  

Creating a new Job Listing from an existing Job Template is an ideal way to list a job because you do not have to retype descriptive content over and over. By using a Job Template you have already created, you can customize the Job Listing to reflect differences among the jobs you are posting. A Job Template is generalized while a Job Listing is customized and designed to include the key specific details which are unique and necessary for that particular job vacancy.  

Once you have selected your desired template, you will be directed to a new window.

There is an option to "Copy From Job Listing" which can be useful if you are posting an additional position or a position similar to a prior Job Listing that you have already posted and/or filled.  If you are subject to Affirmative Action reporting, it is very important to create new Job Listings each time you have a new vacancy to fill.  Reusing past Job Listings can affect the integrity and accuracy of your EEO reports with mixed data and date ranges.  


A.  Career Site Ad Title (REQUIRED)--This is the title of your Job Listing that will be posted on your site.

B.  Career Site Ad Description (REQUIRED)--This is the description of the job that you are posting on your site.

C. Embed Video Code (Optional)--Paste video from any website below your job description. This feature is useful to share content about your company, its goals and culture, and/or any related content that you would like your potential applicants to view.


A.  Start Date and End Date (REQUIRED)--This will be the date range that this Job Listing will be active.  To remove the Job Listing from your portal, you will need to change the End Date to a past date (typically "yesterday's date"). Once a past date is applied and the Job Listing is updated (saved), the listing will be immediately removed from your portal.  It can take 24-48 hours for the position to be removed from any free automated job board(s), Indeed and/or CareerBuilder in which you have pushed this Job Listing.  To remove the Job Listing before the designated end date on any other paid boards, you will need to log in to your external job board and remove the Job Listing. 

NOTE: Another option to end a Job Listing is to archive the Job Listing by clicking the red arrow to the left of the Job Listing name in the job list on the Job Listings tab of the Jobs Dashboard.  Archiving will automatically change the end date and remove the Job Listing from your view of active Job Listings.

B.  Pay Rate (Optional) and Pay Type (Optional)--In these optional fields, you can enter data regarding the pay rate for the Job Listing.  If pay is negotiable or commensurate with experience, you may consider leaving these fields blank. If fields are left blank, then the labels for the fields will not be visible to applicants on your Jobs portal.

C.  Benefits (Optional)--In this optional field, you can list employer benefits provided such as health insurance, flex plans, 401k/403b, stock options, etc.  This is not a required field; this field provides the viewer with additional information that could help encourage the person to apply to your company.

D.  Employment Type (REQUIRED)--This required field is to specify whether this role is full-time, part-time, temporary, etc.

E.  Department (REQUIRED)--This required field indicates with which department this position will be affiliated.

F.  EEO Job Category (REQUIRED) Assign the appropriate EEO Job Category for the posting.

G.  Job Type (Optional)--In this field, you can select "External", "Internal" or "Both" which will indicate whether this Job Listing will be displayed on your External Jobs page, Internal Jobs page or both your External and Internal Jobs pages.  Please note:  For this field to be displayed, you must have an Internal employment application created.  If you do not have an Internal employment application created and want an Internal application for your site, please email support@exacthire.com.

H.  Notification Email (Optional) and Only Send Email if Met BQ check box (Optional)--The Notification Email optional field is designed to automatically send an email to user selected in this field each time an individual completes an application for the particular Job Listing. If checked, the "Only Send Email if Met BQ" check box reduces the email notifications to the designated user to only applicants who meet or exceed the basic qualifications established for this particular Job Listing (based on any disqualification filters you may have elected to use in the Job Questions and/or Additional Questions sections of your employment application). This feature is useful if you have a position with an immediate need to fill; however, it is very possible to have a vast influx of email to the email address designated as the recipient of notifications.

I.  Job Questions Group (Optional)--If you have Job Specific Screening Questions related to this particular position, you can select the particular group of questions that you want each applicant applying to this job listing to complete.  Using a group of Job Specific Screening Questions is an efficient way to acquire additional information about an applicant's qualifications for the Job Listing in which (s)he is applying and to narrow the applicant pool to more qualified candidates.  


Country and State/Province are default fields.  Select the Country and State/Province where this position will be located.  The City field is not a required field, but inputting the specific city will help applicants identify where the position is actually located.  If your Job Listing is for a vacant position in a smaller area near a metro area, you will have the opportunity to designate a larger metro area for applicants to search when you push a job listing to the job boards.

By clicking SAVE AND PUSH TO JOB BOARDS, this position will be pushed to the free and/or paid Job Boards you have designated after following these steps.  The Job Listing will also be posted immediately on your site (assuming the date on which you save it falls within the start and end dates you selected for the job).

Please note: To fully push to External Job boards (even if you only use the automatic Indeed integration), you must make selections on the Job Board Push page. This information is derived from the Job Template that you utilized when creating a job listing. It is crucial to take the time to review the content on the Job Board Push page to ensure the content that will be pushed to the job boards is correct and to change the title for job listings that are based on a certain job template of another title.  Even if the only External Job Board utilized is Indeed, this step is essential.  

Also, please ensure that you have correctly spelled the content of your listing and that all of the details of this particular Job Listing are correct before pushing it to the job boards.  (Please see Edit a Live Job Posting on External Job Boards regarding how to make edits to a job listing pushed to job board(s).)