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Create a QR Code for Job

To promote a job using a QR Code on a promotional poster or flyer, locate the job in the JOBS view by using the available filters. 

  • Click on the job title to open the Job Details. Use the PROMOTE tab to access the QR Code tool.

Please note: the job must be in an ACTIVE status in order to use the features on the PROMOTE tab.

  • Create a custom QR Code using the Create Job Link area. The Create Job Link feature allows for the creation of a shareable link (QR Code) with source tracking code that can be shared on promotional posters and/or flyers. The QR Code will return applicants to the ExactHire ATS to submit their application. The ExactHire ATS will track the source of the applicant based on this link.
  • Begin typing the name of the source into the menu. (Example: Promotional Flyer)
    • If the source is currently in the list, simply select the source. 
    • If the source is not currently in the list, select the (Create New) option. The new source will be added to the list and immediately selected.

  • Upon selecting the source the custom link will automatically be refreshed in the display box and the QR Code will update accordingly. 
  • Click DOWNLOAD to create an image file of the QR Code for the job. Please note that the QR code is job specific and source specific.