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Create an Internal Job

When it is time to fill a position within the organization, users may need to create a new internal job.

  • The New Job button will be available in the upper right of every page view.
  • Select the Job Template for the new Job from the drop down menu, or select type information into the form. 

  • Review the information auto-filled by the Job Template or enter the needed information into the New Job form. The following fields are required: 
    • Job Title
    • Job Location
    • Job Category
    • Job Type - INTERNAL
      • Application Template
    • Employment Type
    • Description
    • Compensation Type
  • Click ADD JOB.


The Job DETAILS tab will appear on screen automatically. Make any needed edits in this view. If changes are made, click SAVE

Hiring Team

Use the HIRING TEAM tab to subscribe users to be members of the hiring team and assign a Hiring Manager.  

Click the Pencil icon to change the Hiring Manager.

Click Subscribe User to select the users to be added to the Hiring Team for this job.

Select the appropriate stage(s) eacht Hiring Team Member is to receive notification. The selected Hiring Team Member(s) will receive email notification as applicants are moved to the selected stage(s). 


Use the PROMOTE tab to find the direct link to the new internal job. Please note that Internal Only jobs cannot be shared to the automated job boards or job boards using the Candidate Sourcing or Job Board Ad features.

If the job is created as Both (External and Internal) two copy icons will be visible. One specific to the External job link and the other specific to the Internal job link. The automated job board options, Job Board Ad features, and Create Job Link features become available specific to the External version of job posting only.

The Preview Job icon will allow the user to open a new window containing a preview of the job.

The Copy Link To Career Site (Internal Job) icon will allow the user to quickly access the internal career site jobs page.

Click DOWNLOAD to create an image file of the QR Code for the job. Please note that the QR code is job specific and source specific. Use this QR code on promotional posters or flyers.

Please note the job must be in an ACTIVE status in order to use the Promote features.



Use the Activity tab to see the history of Job Status changes for the job.

Action Tools

Use the Status drop down menu to change the Job Status of the job.

  • Jobs will default to a status of Draft. 
  • Statuses of both Draft and Pending Approval will keep the job from being visible on the Career Site. 
  • A status of Active will allow the job to be live and available to applicants on the Career Site as well as allowing the job to be shared to additional job boards in the PROMOTE tab. 
  • Statuses of Pause, Expired, Filled, Canceled, and Archive will remove the job from the Career Site.

Use the Go to Applicants button to access the applications received for this job.

Use Archive to archive the job.



The Job Approvals feature allows for the Job Details to be prepared and approved by selected team members prior to publishing (to make Active) the job. Some organizations may call these Requisitions. Creating groups of custom Job Approval Questions as well as Job Approval Groups, allows the software to automate the notification process for needed approvals. 

To activate the Job Approval feature please contact Client Success at support@exacthire.com.