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Creating a Generic Job Listing to Build Your Applicant Pool

One way to increase your applicant pool is to create a generic job listing entitled "Future Opportunities" or "Future Talent" or with a different job title of your choice.

Depending on the needs of your organization, you might find it beneficial to increase your applicant pool even if you are not necessarily hiring for a large volume of open positions. One way to increase your applicant pool is to create a generic job listing entitled "Future Opportunities" or "Future Talent" or with a different job title of your choice.  Within this "Future Opportunities" job listing, you can provide general information about the roles you seek to fill and even provide some information about your company if you would like.

(Please note:  If your organization is subject to Affirmative Action Plan reporting, then this may not be a preferred option as you are inviting individuals to express interest in your organization without specifying a particular position during the application process.  That could make your compliance reporting a bit more challenging than is worth the time, as you would need to manually copy applicants to other specific positions as you consider them official applicants.  If you are unsure whether to utilize this option, then please check with your employment law attorney or Affirmative Action Plan consultant.)  

To create a generic job listing, you will follow the same steps as if you were creating a job listing for a particular position.  Click here to see the steps to create a new job listing.  

Unlike typical job listings which might be posted for 60 or 90 days, you can set the end date for a generic job listing to a date that best fits your needs so the end date of this type of job listing could end several months later if you so choose.  

If your ATS site is set up to automatically push ALL jobs to Indeed, even a generic job listing would be posted to Indeed as well.  Most likely, it would not be highly visible in the search results except at the beginning time frame of the post.  However, with this in mind, you will definitely need to distinguish that this generic job listing is not an actual opening that will be filled but instead is a way to collect applicants for future potential job openings.  

You can also create a group of Job Specific Screening Questions within this generic job listing to acquire information from the applicant.  For example, an applicant could possibly pick from a multiple choice list describing different specific areas/professions in which (s)he is interested.  This could help you as the reviewer better identify the applicant's interests and background experience.

Also, within the ATS you have the opportunity to have multiple employment applications so you could use your standard employment application for this generic job listing, or you could consider using an alternate application with different required sections or possibly make it a two-step application.  We would be happy to discuss various options with you.

To review the applicants for this generic job listing, click on the magnifying glass. Depending on your User access level, you have the opportunity to copy an applicant to a different job listing.  An applicant can easily be copied to another job listing currently open or to a job listing that will open in the future.