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Creating a Generic Job to Build an Applicant Pool

Depending on the needs of the organization, users might find it beneficial to increase the applicant pool even if the organization is not necessarily hiring for a large volume of open positions.

One way to increase the applicant pool is to create a generic job entitled "Future Opportunities", or "Future Talent", etc.  Within this "Future Opportunities" job general information may be provided about the roles the organization seeks to fill and even provide some information about the company.

Please note:  If the organization is subject to Affirmative Action Plan reporting, then this may not be a preferred option as it will invite individuals to express interest in the organization without specifying a particular position during the application process.  In turn, compliance reporting could become a bit more challenging, as the organization would need to manually copy applicants to other specific positions as they are considered official applicants.  Unsure whether to utilize this option? Please check with the company’s employment law attorney or Affirmative Action Plan consultant.  

To create a generic job, follow the same steps needed for creating a job for a particular role.  Click here to see the steps to create a new job.  

Users can also create a group of Job Questions associated with this generic job to acquire information from the applicant.  For example, an applicant could possibly pick from a multiple choice list describing different, specific areas/professions in which (s)he is interested.  This could help the hiring team better identify the applicant's interests and background experience.

Also, within the ExactHire ATS, the organization has the opportunity to create multiple employment application templates. A custom application template could be used for this generic job.