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Creating Business Units

Business Unit labels are used to segment job listings and can be used to restrict access to certain job listings and applicant records for certain user types within the ATS.

Administrators and Posting Managers will assign a Business Unit to each Job Listing (and Job Template). Manager Users will also be assigned specific Business Units, when the user is created, to control which jobs and applicants the Manager User will have access to view. Manager Users will see ALL jobs and ALL applicants associated with the Business Units assigned to their user.

Business Units can be shown to the applicants on the job listing, if you choose. Showing this Business Unit to the applicants will allow an additional filter option for the applicants to use in their search for jobs. However, if you wish for this label to be internal only please reach out to support@exacthire.com and request that the Business Unit be hidden from the applicant view.

Business Unit structure can be very basic, a simple department label, or more complex with a tiered approach, such as a departments within a location. This tiered approach is referred to as the Parent-Child relationship. In the previous example, location is considered the “parent” with a “child” of department. Using the Parent-Child relationship in Business Units can allow for a very detailed label on your jobs as well as very tightly controlled authority given to Manager Users.

Administrators may manage the Business Units on the Business Units tab of the SETTINGS Dashboard. Use the Magnifying Glass icon to edit existing Business Units. Use the Down Arrow icon to archive unneeded Business Units.

Use the Plus icon to add new Business Units. When adding a Business unit a Title is assigned and Type are assigned, and if needed a Parent Business Unit.

Example of a basic Business Unit model.

Example of a Parent-Child Business Unit model.