Custom Application Stages

Users have the ability to customize the Application Stages available within the ExactHire ATS.

  • Begin in the Settings area.
  • Click on Application Stages.
  • Application Stages are organized into 6 categories: 
    • Applied*
    • Screen
    • Interview
    • Interviewed
    • Made Offer
    • Hired* 
    *These stages are locked within the system.
  • The User may create up to 5 Substages within each unlocked category. 
  • Select/deselect to include/remove the Category Name as a stage option.
  • Click the Cog icon on the left to enter the Advanced Edit Mode to create new Substages, edit existing Substages, and select/deselect Substages for use in each stage category.
  • Within Advanced Edit Mode, use the + to Create New Substage(s). 
  • Drag and drop to organize the new Substages into the proper order within the Category. Save the changes.
  • The newly created Substages will be visible in the Application Stages view.
  • Interested in seeing what this will look like within the system? Use the Stage Setup Preview dropdown to see an example of the stage order.
  • The newly modified Application Stages will be visible in the Applicant Record as well as in all Stage filters.