Customize a Career Site

Users have the ability to customize details on the Career Site associated with their organization.

  1. To customize the Career Site begin in the Settings area.
  2. Click on Career Site Editor.

The Career Site Editor will allow the customization of the:

1. site logo

2. title

3. description

4. link to a website

5. footer

6. color for both the External and Internal Career Sites

1. Site Logo - Upload a .png, .jpg, or .jpeg to use as the career site logo. Images larger than maximum size (600px by 200px) will be resized.

2. Title - Customize the External Title and the Internal Title.

3. Description - Customize the External Description and the Internal Description including text, images, and hyperlinks as necessary.

4. Link to website - Add a link redirecting to applicants to a company website.

5. Footer - Customize the optional Footer for both the External and Internal Career Sites.

6. Color - Select the primary color for the Career Site using RGB, HSL, or HEX codes.

7. Toggle between the preview for the External and Internal Career Sites.