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Customizing the Requisition Management Feature

Create a standardized process allowing management to approve needed jobs prior to the job being created.

If its important to have a standardized process for allowing management to approve new job openings in your organization, then you'll be interested in our optional Job Requisition Management feature within the ATS. This feature allows Administrators the flexibility to permit hiring managers to launch new job requisition requests from within the ATS. The benefit of this process is that jobs do not become active and available to applicants until after all relevant layers of management have given their approval - an important consideration for larger organizations with detailed budgeting methods, especially. This is also a huge time saver for HR staff and allows your organization to become paperless in yet another way!

In this tip sheet, you'll learn:

  • the basics of the requisition form and how to request changes
  • to navigate the Requisitions tab in the Jobs dashboard
  • how to set up ATS users to view and request requisitions
  • how to create approval groups and save time in the Req Mass Update tab

Requisition Form Basics
The ExactHire Client Success team will work with you during the implementation process to set up your requisition form. When first adding this feature, we'll ask you what types of questions you'd like for someone initiating a new requisition request to answer. We can create small, medium and large text boxes, yes/no questions, check box questions and single-select multiple choice questions. Here's an example of how a sample completed form appears when someone initiates a new requisition request:

At the top of the form, it will display the job template name on which the requisition is based. The user then may choose to overwrite the proposed job title field. Then, the full job description that is attached to the job template used may be accessed.

In the above image, there is only one "General Questions" section (denoted by the green header) in the "Requisition Questions" area; however, if you wish for different sections of questions to be present on your organization's form, simply let the ExactHire team know.

At the end of the requisition form, an individual initiating a new request may be allowed to select requisition approvers. However, an Admin may choose to set up certain users with predetermined approval layers. That way, whenever this type of user initiates a new requisition request, he/she will already have names filled in on the approver list (without the ability to alter the names).

If you'd like to request changes on an existing requisition approval form, please email support@exacthire.com. NOTE: Changes on your existing form will affect any previous requisitions in your site. That is, previous answers on approved forms won't necessarily make sense with the new questions implemented on the form when viewing old requisitions.

Navigate the Requisitions Tab
If a user is given access to view the requisitions tab available in the Jobs dashboard, it will resemble the below image (NOTE: in this example, a viewing manager user is depicted):
Active Job Requisitions
In the first section, the user will be able to see all active requisition requests attached to the departments to which this user has access. Admin users will automatically see all open requisition requests regardless of department involved. Please note that should an Assigned User be given access to view the Requisitions tab, he/she will be able to both create and review requisitions as in the image below.
Since Assigned Users are not attached to departments (they are only assigned individual applicants to review by other users - regardless of the department associated with the job listings to which an applicant may have applied), the Assigned User's view of the Requisitions tab will only show the specific requisitions that the user launched (in contrast to showing all the requisitions attached to departments to which a Manager user has access). However, please note that since an Assigned User is not attached to a specific department, if he/she is given access to the Requisitions tab, then he/she may initiate a new requisition request for ANY business unit. Bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to allow your Assigned Users to view the Requisition tab. If you have some individuals who might be Assigned Users but will only be approving requisitions rather than also requesting them, then try this approach. Don't give them access to the Requisitions tab; however, in the Settings dashboard add their email address to the list. Then, when others initiate requisitions and invite these individuals to approve, they can select their pre-existing email address from the drop-down box in the Requisition Approvers area rather.

Within each user's requisition tab view, he/she will be able to see the current status of active requisition requests. Items still in "Draft" mode can still be edited. Those marked "In Process" have been launched, but have not yet received responses from all requested approvers (or any yet in some cases). To see progress on an in process requisition, click on the magnifying glass. If any approvers have already responded, then you will see their decision and any comments. Also, you may resend approval request invitations from this area using the "Re-send Email" button.
If a requisition is declined by one of the approvers somewhere in the process, then the status will be marked as "Denied," and the user that initiated the requisition request will receive a notification email.

At that point, the user may access the Requisitions tab to make changes to the denied requisition request and then relaunch it. The user would click on the magnifying glass next to the request and then click the "Edit this Group" button to change form answers. Comments from the approvers should help the user make appropriate revisions. Once the revisions are made, the user should resend the email invitation to previous respondents. Once a request has been edited, previous answers are still visible with date/time stamps; however, the final status and notes will be updated in the Requisition Approvers section as respondents submit decisions once again.
Requisitions that have received affirmative responses from all layers of management will be marked with an "Approved" status. The Admin designated to receive all notifications of approved requisitions will receive an email similar to the below image.
These requisitions may still be viewed via the magnifying glass icon. Also, if you wish to rename the job listing/req (in the event that the true title was not known at the time the requisition request was launched), you may simply click the "Edit this Information" button, make your changes and then select "Update this information." The number of available positions and department name may also be altered.
Once a requisition is approved, an Admin has access to attach the requisition to either a new job listing or an existing one.
Once the requisition has been attached to a job listing, the system-generated Job ID will appear in the requisition tab.
Requisitions Needing My Approval
In the lower section of the Requisitions tab, any requisitions that require approval from the user will be displayed. To submit approval, one just clicks the magnifying glass, selects yes/no and then may optionally make a comment.
NOTE: If someone who is not a user in the ATS is invited to approve a request via email, then instead of logging into the ATS as a user, he/she will receive an email with a link and a code for a one-time login to the ATS to view the requisition.
Setting Up Users to Request & View Requisitions
To set up any type of user with visibility to the Requisitions tab, have an Admin user navigate to the Users dashboard. When adding or editing a user, indicate "yes" in the drop-down box for the "Show Requisition Tab" field on the edit user window.

If you would like to assign predetermined approvers to this user (so that each time he/she initiates a requisition the layers of approval are already set and incapable of being overwritten), then enter the users/emails for each layer in the Requisition Approvers area. NOTE: The assignment of layers of approval in this area takes precedent over any approval groups that are created on the Req Mass Update tab explained further below. If you wish to leave the user with the ability to choose layers of approval depending on the requisition request, then leave this area blank.
Create Approval Groups in the Req Mass Update Tab
Will there be a large number of users in your organization with the capability of initiating requisition requests in the ATS? And, will each of these users always be using his/her own same set of requisition approvers (even if it varies among users)? If so, take advantage of the ability to mass assign requisition approver groups to many users at once.

Navigate to the "Req Mass Update" tab within the Users dashboard and click the green plus box icon to create a new group.
Give the group a meaningful title. Then, move all users who should be preassigned the same group of requisition approvers to the right column using the arrow button. Lastly, select the appropriate individuals in the drop-down boxes for each layer of approval. Click "Add Group."
Once the group exists, you'll find that if you navigate to the "edit user" page for any one of the assigned users for that group, you will now see the same layers of approval displayed in the requisition approvers area for that individual user. This feature saves you the time of otherwise having to add each approval layer to individual users as they are created.

**NOTE: If you use the Req Mass Update tab, please note that if you already have specific people designated in a req. approver list on an individual user's setup page, that list takes precedent over that same user being included in a req. mass update approval group list that has different layers indicated (i.e. if you are going to include someone in a Req. Mass Update approval group, make sure that person doesn't already have people listed in the drop-down boxes on his/her individual user page).

Implementing the Requisition System
If you would like to take advantage of the job requisition management system, or you have questions about this feature if it is already enabled in your ATS portal, please contact us at support@exacthire.com.