Did you get a TNC notice from your new employer?

If you are an employee whose E-Verify case resulted in a TNC, also known as a Tentative Non-Confirmation, your employer must notify you about the TNC and provide you a Further Action Notice (FAN)

Have no fear - we are here to help guide you to a resolution!

Further Action Notice happens when the information an employer entered into E-Verify does not match the records that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) currently has for you.

In OnboardCentric, the TNC Notice can be found in your Document Locker. To view the notice, log in and access: 

  3. Select the notice 
  4. Click VIEW 

After reviewing the FAN you need to decide whether you will take action to resolve the TNC. If you choose to contest your TNC, you may upload items electronically to the USCIS. To do so you must have a myE-Verify account. 

Click here to create a USCIS myE-Verify account.

Or click here to log in to an existing account.

Once you have logged into your myE-Verify account, you can upload your documents. You may call DHS to fax or mail your documents if you prefer. 

Using myUploads is an option, not a requirement. No employer can demand that you use it. 

More about myE-Verify can be found by clicking here.