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Edit a Live Job Posting on External Job Boards

If you wish to make any changes to a job posting that is already live and that you previously pushed to external job boards, please review this tip sheet.

Automatic Update External Job Boards: If you previously pushed your job listing to Indeed and/or CareerBuilder, or any of the boards featured in the "Automated Job Board Feeds" section of the job board push page pictured below, any edits you make to the existing job listing within HireCentric will automatically post to those external boards automatically without any further action on your part.

Manual Update External Job Boards: For all other external job boards available for selection within the ATS in your "Additional Job Board Push" area of the job board push page, job postings are manually posted by our Job Post team. So, for example, if you previously pushed a job posting to Monster, and then realize that you had a typo in your job description a few days later...then once you make the edits to the job listing in HireCentric, it will NOT automatically update to your external Monster ad. In order to get your Monster ad (or any other external board BESIDES Indeed and CareerBuilder and the boards pictured in the image above) updated, please do one of the following:

  • Log in to your external job board on your end and make the correction/changes from within that job board's portal;
  • Or, email us at support@exacthire.com with the details and we will make that change. With this option, however, please note that we will only do this in the first 30 days of a job posting if the update is due to a major issue such as a typo and/or misinformation.