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Edit an Internal Job

To edit an existing Internal job, locate the job in the JOB view by using the available filters. 

  • Click on the selected job title. The Job Details tab will open. Make any needed edits in this view. Click SAVE.

  • Use the Status drop down menu to change the Job Status of the job.
    • Jobs will default to a status of Draft. 
    • Statuses of both Draft and Pending Approval will keep the job from being visible on the Career Site. 
    • A status of Active will allow the job to be live and available to applicants on the Career Site as well as allowing the job to be shared to additional job boards in the PROMOTE tab. 
    • Statuses of Pause, Expired, Filled, Canceled, and Archive will remove the job from the Career Site.
  • As a STATUS is applied to the edited job confirmation will be provided.