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Email Applicants About Incomplete Applications

The ATS allows your organization to automatically send reminder email message(s) to applicants who started an application for a position, but did not complete the application.

This is a global feature that applies to all job postings within your portal. By default, applicants will receive an automatic reminder email three days after they begin their application, if the application remains in complete.

The schedule of automatic email reminders can be customized to your preference. In fact, a second reminder email may also be scheduled, if desired. For example an incomplete applicant may receive the automated email message three days after they begin the application and then again seven days afterward they began the application.

The automated email is sent using the Incomplete Application email template that can be found on the Email Templates tab of the Settings Dashboard.

To manually send a reminder email/follow up email to the incomplete applicant, access the incomplete applicants record on the Applicants Dashboard. To find a list of incomplete applicants alter the filtered view to include incomplete applications.

Click the magnifying glass to open the applicant record. Use the Send Follow Up button on the right side of the page.

Select the appropriate email template from the drop down box.

Review the email information that populates the screen and click Send.