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Embed Video Code in a Job Listing

When working with Job Listings in the HireCentric ATS you may choose to add a video to the job listing.

The Embed Video Code field on the Job Listing form will allow you to place video code from any public website at the end of your job description. This feature is useful to share content about your company, its goals and culture, and/or any related content that you would like your potential applicants to view.

Note: Private videos will not function with this tool feature. The video must be publicly hosted.

To add video code you will need to copy and paste the whole share code into the Embed Video Code field of the job listing.

Example of how to find embed share code on a YouTube video. Click SHARE below the video.

Click Embed in the Share option box.

Copy the whole embed coding. ​

Place the full code in the Embed Video Code field shown below in the Job Listing form on the Job Listing Tab of the Jobs Dashboard.

Note: Videos may not show in all ads on additional job boards.