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Employment Application Resume Options

If you choose to include a Resume section in your organization's employment application(s) within HireCentric, you have a few different options to consider when it comes to collecting a resume/CV from an applicant:

  • A large text box can be made visible so that the applicant can copy and paste their resume into this area - can be optional or required.
  • An "Upload a File" button can be enabled to allow an applicant to browse his/her computer and easily upload an existing DOC, DOCX, TXT or PDF file (1MB or smaller) - can be optional or required.

A few considerations...

  • While you can certainly make one or both of the above options required, you also have the ability to do an "either/or" type of requirement. This allows the applicant to choose which area (large text box or file upload button) to use to satisfy the requirement of a resume submission.
  • If both the large text box and the file upload area are enabled, then the applicant will have the ability to enter text into the box and elect to save that text as a TXT file to use in the Upload a File area. For more information on how this works, see Save and Upload Text as File Feature.
  • If you don't make any of the resume options required, please note that the applicant will have the optional ability to select the "I choose not to submit a resume at this time" option. This gray button (see image below) only appears when a resume is NOT required. This button's purpose is to allow an applicant who does not wish to provide a resume to move on to other sections in the application. Once the button is selected, a check mark appears next to the Resume section on the left side of the screen.

Please see the below image for more information on which parts of the Resume section may be altered for your organization's employment application(s).