ExactHire ATS Quick Start Guide

A step-by-step guide to set up your new ExactHire ATS account quickly.

Effortlessly enhance your proficiency in the ExactHire ATS by following this guide. Master the fundamentals to swiftly set up your account, seamlessly post jobs, and efficiently screen qualified candidates.

Initial Setup

  1. Customize your applicant facing Career Site
  2. Add Location(s)
  3. Customize your Application Template
  4. Create Job Questions (optional)
Post a Job
    1. Create a Job
Invite Your Team
    1. Create Users
Screen Your Applicants
    1. Screen an Application
    2. Communicate with Applicants
Fine Tune Your Software
    1. Communication Templates
    2. Application Tags
    3. Access Tags
    4. User Roles
    5. Indeed Short Applications
    6. Indeed Sponsored Campaign
    7. Job Templates
    8. Interview Guides
Optional Add-On and Integrations (Contact Client Success)
    1. Onboarding
    2. Background Checks and Drug Screening
    3. Assessments