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Facebook Jobs App

The ExactHire Facebook jobs app will allow you to create a “Jobs” tab on your company Facebook page that will display all of your company’s current openings.

NOTE: In February, 2018, Facebook removed access to the ExactHire Facebook jobs app for company Facebook pages that register less than 2,000 page likes. Clients that previously used the ExactHire Facebook jobs app and had less than 2,000 page likes, will now have a “Jobs” tab that functions as a direct link to their company careers site.

Setup for clients with more than 2,000 page likes:

The ExactHire Facebook jobs app will allow you to create a “Jobs” tab on your company Facebook page that will display all of your company’s current openings. Job seekers will be able to access your job listing descriptions from right within Facebook. Then, they can even click a link to apply to your positions. If you would like to utilize this application in conjunction with your ExactHire ATS and your company’s Facebook page, then this tip sheet will walk you through the process. Before you begin, please make sure you have administrative access to your company’s Facebook page - only site administrators will be able to set this up, so please seek help from someone in your company’s marketing department if you do not have access under your own Facebook profile.

How it Will Appear on Your Facebook Page

Here’s an example of the “Jobs” tab that we implemented on ExactHire’s company Facebook page (by the way...have you “liked” ExactHire yet?):

When you click on the “Jobs” icon, it takes you to a page displaying a list of all current positions. If you would like to optionally choose to include a header image on your Facebook Jobs page, as in the image below, please let us know. We have access to add this image on your behalf...we can either use the banner image you are already using on your ATS site; or, feel free to send us an image that is no wider than 780 pixels.

Getting Started

Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator or owner of your company Facebook fan page. Then, open a new tab in your browser and go here: https://www.woobox.com.

Click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the screen:

On the next screen, enter your name, email address, and create a password.

You will then have an opportunity to connect your Facebook business pages:

If you are not logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to login..If you skipped connecting to Facebook, you will be prompted to add business information (for a non-Facebook business).

Once you’ve signed up, you can choose to login with your email and password, or via Facebook (you must login via FB to install tabs or view current post data).

After logging with your Facebook profile, any Facebook business page that you manage should appear inside of your Woobox account automatically. You can see a list of them here: https://admin.woobox.com/manage/account/#/businesses

If you’re still not able to add your Facebook page, check the following:

  • Are you logged in via the right Facebook account? The best way to verify this is to go to the Facebook page in question and try to access the admin settings. If you can’t access them on Facebook, you may no longer be an administrator, or you may need to switch accounts.
  • Are you trying to add a Facebook business page? Woobox is currently only compatible with Business pages, not personal profiles or groups. Click here for more information.

Install the tab app to your page
Go to the Static Tabs section of your Woobox account dashboard and select the HTML FanGate Tab option from the Create a New Tab dropdown menu.

Edit your settings
Once you’ve added the new tab, you’ll be able to add whatever content you’d like to display.
Page Source – This is your main tab content. Plug in the URL for your HireCentric careers site to display or redirect to.

Change your Tab Settings
Customize your tab’s title here.

Edit the Share Settings
Customize the share image, title, and description, or add a share button to the top of the tab.

Admin-Only Mode
Before promoting your tab content, visit the Admin Only Mode tab and make sure that admin-only mode is turned off (this should be off by default).

Once you have completed these steps, the easiest way to verify that the application is working is by having a friend log into Facebook - specifically a friend who is not also an Administrator for your page. He or she should then go to your company page to see if the “Jobs” icon has appeared, and if your current jobs are displaying properly once the Jobs tab/icon is selected.