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Forward Application to Contact

The Forward Tool is used to forward applicant information to a Contact from the  ATS.

A Contact is someone who is not a regular User and does not have assigned login credentials. The Forward Tool is to be used for Contacts ONLY and not with Users within your  ATS. If you would like to communicate to another User, please use the Spotlight Tool. For more information on the Spotlight Tool, click here.

Forwarding an application to a Contact will send an email notification to the Contact and provide the person with a custom username/password and instructions that will allow access to see only the forwarded information for a time frame of 7 days. After the 7 days have passed, the login will no longer allow access to the applicant information.

Please note that a Contact will receive a separate email notification with a unique username and password for each application they are forwarded. If you will be sending information frequently to a Contact, it is recommended for an Administrator to grant that person a restricted Assigned User role. This would allow the person to log into the ATS whenever the person needs with a assigned username and password. Also the 7 day limited time would no longer be in effect for the shared information. For more information on the Assigned User role, click here.

Applications must be forwarded to a Contact(s) on an individual basis, and you will do this from each applicant record. (The Assigned User role will allow for mass assignment of applicants to Users.)

When on the applicant record, select the Forward Application icon on the right side of the page.

The Forward Tool dialog box will appear and allow you to make selections.

  1. Select the specific sections of the application you would like the Contact to view by checking the boxes in the left column.

  2. Select the Contact(s) by moving the Contact email address from the left box to the right using the arrows. If the Contact is not in your available list, you may add a new Contact on the Users Dashboard, Contacts Tab.

  3. Create a subject line and text body for your email.

  4. Click the Email button to send the message and applicant information.

You can track Forwarded Application information on the Notes & History Tab under Application Forward History.