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Global Search for an Applicant in ATS

There are several different ways in which Users may do keyword, name, or other types of basic global searches for an applicant within the ATS:

  • The search box found in the upper right corner of both the Applicants and Jobs Dashboards;
  • Various search reports available on the Standard Reports tab within the Reports Dashboard (Admin users only).

Using the Search Box
In the upper right corner of both the Applicants and Jobs Dashboards there is a search box that can be quickly accessed to run a search of your entire database. This means the search will run through all applicants for all jobs within your ATS.

Use the drop down selection to indicate the type of search. Keywords may be as short as three characters. You may also select First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number. Keep in mind that you are not only searching the one field, but rather just putting more emphasis on it.
NOTE: Manager Users will see results of applicant information only for jobs that are associated with the business units over which the manager has authority. 

Once you enter your search criteria and click the Go Button a new tab featuring the Keywords Search Report or the Search By Name Report will open in your browser. You may modify your original search within the newly opened report tab.

Example of a Keyword Search for the word "spanish":
Example of a First Name Search for "joe":

Searching techniques:

You may use an asterisk as a wildcard for any contact data (name, email, phone, etc). Ex: Sm* will search for Smith, Smoot, etc. or *ith, *mi*, etc. to find "Smith".

Searching for Applicants with the Standard Reports (ADMIN Users Only)
Access the Standard Reports tab of the Reports Dashboard to find a variety of search reports. The Search By Name and Search Keywords reports are found on this tab. Click VIEW next to the title of the report you would like to use. The same search tabs discussed above will open for your use.
NOTE: To make your searching more efficient you may reports to your Favorites Bar.