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HireCentric Job ID Visibility

The ATS creates a system generated Job ID for every job.

Have you ever received an email from our Job Posting Team referencing your Job ID and then had to hover over the magnifying glasses to find out which job that was? Or maybe you have multiple positions with the same title and you needed a way to distinguish them quickly? We have a solution!

The ATS has always created a system generated Job ID for every job. Now, in addition to finding the Job ID by hovering over the magnifying glass on the job listing tab next to the job in question, you can also reference the Job ID column found in front of the job title on the same page.

This Job ID column is not sortable, but you can do a Ctrl + F (Control Find) and type in the number to quickly identify where the job in question is located on the page. As usual, the other area where you can also see the Job ID is by clicking to edit the job listing.