How to Exclude a Job From Posting to Indeed

There may be times when a job(s) is not ideal for an automatic push to Indeed.

The ExactHire ATS will share all jobs, in an ACTIVE status, to Indeed as a free post. This external board can have a significant impact on the number of job seekers who see and apply to the job(s). However, there may be times when a job(s) is not ideal for an automatic push to Indeed. One example would be if the organization uses a “General Application” job to pool applicants for future jobs.

Fortunately, the software is coded to allow the exclusion of job(s) from the Indeed share based on the wording of the job title(s). The software uses a regular expression that searches for specific words, in specific positions, within the text string which makes up the job title.

Here’s How It Works

In order for a job(s) to be EXCLUDED from Indeed, the first part of the job title must use one of the following words:

open, future, general, submit

AND, the second part of the job title must use one of the following words:

application, applications, openings, opening, employment, position, positions

KEY CONCEPT: The word in the first group needs to come before the word in the second group.

Examples of job titles that would be excluded from Indeed based on the above formula:

Open Position

Open for any Position

Future Openings - upload an application

Production - Future Openings

Structural Engineer - apply for future openings

Paralegal Future Opening 2015: North Central & South East regions

General Application

General Application for Internship - Summer 2016

General Openings - Any location

General Employment

Submit a General Application

Submit for future Sales Positions

Indeed has stated, “Leave clickbait and extraneous job details out of titles.”* Job titles which contain these types of details will be rejected by Indeed’s free feed. 

Examples of clickbait or extraneous job details: 

  • Sign On Bonus
  • Bonus
  • Looking for Work
  • Earn
  • Seeking to Fill

Why is my job not on Indeed?

It is valuable to keep the above information in mind when advertising a job with a more attractive title to avoid reverse intent. A title such as “Servers - Immediately hiring open positionswould be excluded from the Indeed free feed, even though the organization may have an immediate need and is hoping to draw more applications by stating so.

Indeed has provided helpful information regarding their posting standards in these articles:

*Indeed: Job Posting Guidelines

Indeed: Job Posting Tips

For additional information regarding what might prevent job(s) from being posted on Indeed, visit Indeed's blog