I9 Supplement B, Reverification and Rehire (formerly Section3)

This supplement replaces Section 3 on the previous version of Form I-9.

Only use this page if your employee requires reverification, is rehired within three years of the date the original Form I-9 was completed, or provides proof of a legal name change.

Enter the employee's name in the fields above. Use a new section for each reverification or rehire. Review the Form I-9 instructions before completing this page. Keep this page as part of the employee's Form I-9 record.


Additional guidance can be found in the Handbook for Employers: Guidance for Completing Form I-9 (M-274)


🚫 U.S. citizens and noncitizen nationals

🚫 Lawful permanent residents who presented a Form I-551, Permanent Resident or  

   Alien Registration Receipt card for Section 2. This includes conditional residents.

🚫 List B documents


How is the Supplement B Task Assigned, and Who Gets the Supplement B Task?

  • The Supplement B task can be assigned manually to an employee by a system administrator if needed.  This would be appropriate for rehires and legal name changes. 
  • OnboardCentric assigns the Supplement B tasks for ACTIVE users in the platform 90 days prior to the I9 supporting document’s expiration date.  When reverification is needed, a task will be assigned to the active Role-holder that verified the I-9 initially.  A task will occur each and every time reverification is needed as long as the employee’s account is in the Active Users list

Example: Joe hires Sarah and approves her I9. If Sarah’s I9 needs to have Section 3 completed at any time then Joe would get that task. If Joe is no longer working in that position and his permissions within the system have changed, then his replacement or counterpart in OnboardCentric would get the Section 3 task for Sarah.


From the HOME screen, under the pie charts, the approver will see the I9 Supplement B tasks in the same place s/he is  assigned any other countersignature task.


To complete I9 Supplement B, view the physical document from the employee and simply select the corresponding Document Name and enter the needed information.  To complete the task, click Preview (to check your entries), then click Close at the bottom right.  At this point, the Sign and Submit button will be available to click which requires the entry of the password to electronically sign the form