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Identify Jobs Selected on an Applicant Record

To see more detail about the job that an applicant has applied to use the hover option in the applicant record.

This is especially helpful if an applicant has applied for several jobs with similar job titles.

To use this tool, navigate to an applicant's record and hover your cursor over one of the job titles near the top right area of your screen. The hover tip will appear and display the following information about the job listing:

  • Job ID (system auto-generated ID)
  • Location
  • Employment Type
  • Created By (user that created job listing)
  • Internal ID (ID manually assigned by user in Jobs>Job Listings>Edit Job Listing)
  • Business Unit

If an applicant has more than one position listed on his applicant record, then you may switch between those job listings to display the different sets of application responses. Simply click the magnifying glass next to the job title representing the application information you would like to view.