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Incomplete Application Features

On the Applicants Dashboard you can view basic statistics regarding incomplete applications for your active and archived job listings.

Note: If the job listing you are searching for is not displayed on the Applicants Dashboard use one or more filters to select the job listing you desire.

Incomplete: The number of applicants who started but have not completed an application for the particular job listing.
Indeed IA: The number of applicants using the Indeed Easily Apply process specifically who are not considered complete for the particular job listing based on your Indeed Apply Application Settings.

Click on a Job Title to see the detailed information regarding applicants for the job. The Completion Level filter will default to Completed Applications. However you may change your view and filter applicants by their current completion level - completed, incomplete, or both.

Note: There are multiple default filters in this dashboard you may change to gather the desired group of applicants.

This view shows a Completion Level filter of BOTH. Incomplete applicants have no Completed Date. Incomplete Applicants with no Completed Date will appear at the bottom of the list below those applicants with a Completed Date.

The Application Completion Level drop down box in the lower right corner will allow you to change the completion level of a group of incomplete applicants to complete. This will mark the application complete with a Completed Date of the day you made the change and will prevent the applicant from logging in to continue the application. Note: If an applicant with a completed date is selected to be included in the update the application is skipped as to not change the original submission date.

* The Status Report and Source Report tabs will not have information related to incomplete applications.

Click on the applicant's name to open the applicant record for any complete or incomplete application. You will only see the information that the applicant has added to the application; other spaces will be left blank if the applicant has not yet responded.

Example of an Incomplete Application:

The application will be labeled “incomplete” under the job title on the left side of the application data. There is no application completion date in this area or the upper right corner of the record because the application is incomplete.

Administrators will have two additional options appear on the right allowing you to manually set the application to complete or send a follow up.

Set Application to Complete: This button will mark the application complete with a Completed Date of the day you made the change and will prevent the applicant from logging in to continue the application.
Send Follow Up: This button will allow you to send an email follow up using any existing email template.

The Send Follow Up button will prompt you to select an existing email template to communicate with the applicant. Select the appropriate email template from the drop down box, review the text, make any needed modifications, and click SEND EMAIL.

The Set Application to Complete button will provide the following confirmation of your choice to set this application to complete.

Click Set Application to Complete again to confirm and the application will be marked as complete. The applicant record will change to the following view.

The application is now labeled as complete with a completion date under the job title on the left side as well as in the upper right corner of the record.

A Reset Application to Incomplete button is available all complete application, on the right side of the record, to allow you to set a completed application to an incomplete status. Doing so will send an email to the applicant with instruction on how to log in and access the application. This action will allow the user to include custom comments to the applicant and will remove the completed date.

Tracking of the changes to the application completion level is found on the Notes & History Tab, near the bottom, under Set to Complete History and Set to Incomplete History. This area will track the date of the change and the user who made the change.

Any Follow Up emails will be tracked in the Email History at the bottom of the Notes & History Tab, as are all other emails to the applicant.

Additional Feature for the 2 Step Application Process
When working with the 2 Step Application process you will have the ability to set both Step 1 and Step 2 to complete or incomplete, as needed. Step 1 will need to be completed by the applicant or manually marked as complete by the User in order for the applicant to access Step 2 or the user to mark Step 2 as completed.