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Indeed Sponsored Job Ad Campaign

Indeed Sponsored Job Ad(s) may be requested on the PROMOTE tab of a job within the ExactHire ATS.

To utilize this feature please contact support@exacthire.com to set up the feature.

Please note that the Indeed account must contain credit card information in order to request sponsorship.

Create an Indeed Sponsorship Campaign

  • Once the Indeed Sponsored Job feature is active for the account, locate the job in the JOBS view by using the available filters. 
  • Click on the selected job title. The Job Details tab will open. Use the PROMOTE tab to access the various job ad promote features.

Please note: the job must be in an ACTIVE status in order to use the features on the PROMOTE tab.

  • Use the Sponsor On Indeed to add Indeed Sponsorship to the job.
  • Enter the sponsorship details for Start Date, End Date, and Budget.
  • The new Indeed Sponsored campaign information will be visible on the PROMOTE tab.

Once a job is sponsored, the organization's Indeed dashboard will also display the newly sponsored job’s campaign.

Update an Indeed Sponsorship Campaign

  • To update an Indeed Sponsored campaign navigate to the PROMOTE tab of the job. Click Update in the Indeed Sponsored area.

  • Adjust the End Date and Budget, click Update.

End an Indeed Sponsorship Campaign

  • To end an Indeed Sponsored campaign early navigate to the PROMOTE tab of the job. Access the More Options menu for the corresponding campaign and select Remove Posting.

Please note: A job may only have one active Indeed sponsored campaign at a time. After a campaign ends a new one may be created.