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Internal Job Postings

Within your ATS portal, you have the option to utilize an internal jobs page for your current employees to view and to apply to vacant positions. 

When a vacant position needs to be filled, posting the position externally is not the only option to consider to acquire qualified applicants. 

All clients have access to an internal jobs page which is accessible at https://yourcompany.hirecentric.com/internaljobs. (Please note:  "yourcompany" is replaced by your own subdomain for your ATS site.  For instance, at ExactHire, our site is https://exacthire.hirecentric.com.) However, to list jobs on your internal jobs page, you must have an internal employment application created within your portal.  Since certain sections of information acquired from your external employment application may not be necessary to collect from your internal employees, ExactHire can customize your internal application with the section(s) of information that you want to attain from internal applicants.  If you do not currently have an internal application created within your portal and want to utilize this feature, please contact us at support@exacthire.com.  We will create an internal application customized to your specifications and assist you as you utilize your internal jobs page. 

Your internal jobs page will mirror your external jobs page with the same the branding that is on your existing portal, and in addition, we can customize the content in various areas of the page.

A.  Large Title Text and Color:  The color of this headline will match the headline color on your external jobs page; however, this text can be customized on your internal jobs page to identify the goals of the page, the target audience and/or other specified information you want to emphasize.  
B.  Text Above Job Listings Table:  This section of text displayed above the Job Listings Table on your Career Site can be edited to include URL links and/or text content of your choice such as instructions, employer information, EEOC details, and/or any other pertinent material.
C.  Table Headings and Table Heading Background Color:  Table Headings will correspond to the labels on your external job page.  The Table Heading Background Color will also correspond to the color displayed on your external job board. This color is designed to reflect your company's site color scheme.
D.  Text Under Job Listings Table:  If desired, we can add text underneath the Job Listings Table on your Career Site.  This could be utilized to incorporate URL links and/or text regarding company policies, EEOC, and/or any other pertinent information you want to convey to your internal applicants.  

After you have an internal application created by a member of the ExactHire team, by default, each Job Template you have made can utilize both your external and internal applications.  (See highlighted area in the screen shot below which is taken from a client's Job Template existing in the Job Templates tab in the Jobs Dashboard.)

When you are creating a new Job Listing, you will have the option to post the job listing to your external jobs page, internal jobs page or both your external and internal jobs pages.  (See highlighted area in the screen shot below which is from adding a new Job Listing in the Job Listings tab in the Jobs Dashboard.)

If you are interested in creating an internal application and utilizing the internal job board, please contact the Support Team at support@exacthire.com.  The Support Team can develop this option with a very rapid response so you can recruit from your pool of talented current employees.