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Job Approval Group

Job Approval Groups are the ability to create workflows of selected users for a Job Approval.


  • To create a Job Approval Group, begin in the Settings area.

  • Click on Job Approval Groups.

  • Click New Job Approval Group to create a new Job Approval Group.

  • Add the Job Approval Group Name, such as Leadership Team, Indianapolis Market, IT Department, etc.
  • Click +Add User to add the Stage 1 Approver(s). This will be the first Approver(s) to receive the Job Approval request once it has been submitted for approval.
      • Multiple users may be added to each Stage.
      • Select Approval(s) required, as needed.
      • Adjust the Due in details, as needed.

  • Add Additional Stage Approver(s), as needed.

  • Select the user.
  • Adjust the Due in details, as needed.
  • Click Save as Draft or Save and Publish.