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Job Notes

Users have the ability to add Notes related to the Job in the NOTES tab of the Job. Notes will be tracked chronologically in the Notes tabs of the Job.

Notes are not visible to the applicant, and are only available in the ExactHire ATS.

  • Public Notes are visible to all users. There is no icon denotation.
  • Private Notes can be added and are visible only to users with the Role permission of View & Create Private Application Notes. A Private Note is denoted by the no visibility icon:
  • Private Notes with Specific User Visibility can be added and are visible only to users with Private Note permissions who are selected by the Add Users button. A Private Note that is shared with a specific user(s) is denoted by users icon: It is possible for two icons to show on the note at the same time:  
  • Only Me Notes can be added by users with the Role permission of Create ‘Only Me’ Application Notes will be visible only to the user who added the note. An Only Me Note is denoted by a lock icon: A note that is Only Me may only be posted as Only Me and may not be combined with other private note options.

Edit and/or Delete a Note

Please note: The ability to edit or delete notes is provided by specific Role permissions. 

  • To edit a previously entered note, click Edit below the note to be modified.
  • The note entry box will open and allow the text to be altered. Click Confirm.
  • The amended note will be saved, including a notation indicating the name of the user who made the edit.

Please note: The note type may not be changed during the edit process.

  • To delete a previously entered note, click Delete below the note to be removed.
  • Click DELETE to confirm.
  • Confirmation will appear on screen.

Notes on the JOBS View

The note indicator [N] will appear on the JOBS view to allow the user quick access to the notes. Hover over the [N] to display the notes.