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Job Questions Report

The Job Questions Report shows sortable job question data for applicants within a job. This report can be accessed in the Standard Reports tab within the Reports dashboard.


This report allows one to select a specific job listing, as well as filter results by the following criteria:
  • Applicant Status
  • Date Range (date that applicant applied for job listing)
  • Active Applicants (Active, Archived, Both)
  • Met Basic Qualifications (BQ) (Qualified, Disqualified, Both)
  • Screening Score (Above/Below a certain numerical score)

You may then select check boxes next to the job-specific screening questions associated with that job listing that you wish to display in the report.

Report results may be displayed on-screen or exported to a CSV file which may be opened within Excel.

The following data fields appear as column headers in this report:

  • Applicant Name
  • Application Submission Date
  • Screening Score
  • Met BQ? (Yes/No)
  • Department
  • Applicant Status
  • ...and then a column for each of the job-specific screening questions selected to display