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Job Statuses

This optional feature allows you to create a list of statuses available for assignment to your job listings to help you and your hiring team identify which stage a particular job listing falls under in your hiring process.

In your ATS, you have the ability to utilize the optional Job Status feature. Statuses might include labels such as: On Hold, Late Stage Interviewing, Offer Extended, Cancelled, Filled, Pending Hiring Manager Feedback, etc. or other labels of your choice.  In the image below, here is an example of a few Job Statuses from an ATS site.  

NOTE: If you currently do not have the Job Status feature enabled and would like to utilize this, please contact us at support@exacthire.com, and we will be happy to enable this no-cost feature for your site(s).
Once this feature is enabled, you have the ability to create your own Job Statuses that meet your needs. To add a Job Status, you will go first to your SETTINGS dashboard and then click on the STATUSES tab.

After you have clicked on the STATUSES tab, you will see a green and white + icon in the left corner by the Job Statuses section.

Click the green and white + icon to open a new window as shown in the screenshot below.  

Fill in the fields with your information preferences. "Status Name" is the name of the particular Job Status you want to create.  If you click the box to the right of "Makes Job Inactive", this will automatically inactivate a job listing when it is assigned with that particular Job Status.  For certain statuses (i.e. "Filled", "Cancelled", etc.), you might want to consider utilizing that option.  If you assign a job listing with a Job Status that automatically inactivates the job listing once that particular Job Status is assigned to it, this will also remove the job from your Jobs page, and that job will be removed from any free job boards utilized through the Automated Job Board Feeds.  If you have pushed that inactive job to job boards via the Additional Job Board push, additional steps must be taken to remove that job listing from those job boards. The "Order" field allows you to assign the particular order you want your statuses to be displayed.  Once you have inputted the information you desire, click "Add".

The Job Status feature allows you to assign a Job Status to a job listing which can be used as a filter on the JOBS dashboard. You can sort by Job Status using the Job Status drop-down box shown on the JOB LISTINGS tab via the JOBS dashboard.  (See screenshot below.)  If you choose to sort using this filter, click "Go" after you have selected the Job Status you want use as a sorting filter.  

If you have any questions about using the optional Job Status feature please contact us at support@exacthire.com.