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Jobs Overview Report

The Jobs Overview Report shows job data and how effective certain metrics are within each job.

This report can be accessed in the Standard Reports tab within the Reports dashboard.

This report allows one to search by Job Title or Internal ID, as well as filter results by the following criteria:
  • Business Unit/Department
  • EEO Job Category
  • Classification
  • Status of Job (i.e. Active, Archived, Both)
  • Date Range (Note: The date range is used to find any jobs that were open during the selected time frame.)

Report results may be displayed on-screen or exported to a CSV file which may be opened within Excel.

The following data fields appear as column headers in this report:

  • Job ID (job ID that is system-generated)
  • Job Title
  • Open Date
  • Close Date
  • Department
  • Internal ID (job ID that can be set by user)
  • City
  • State
  • Employment Type
  • Exempt Status
  • EEO Category
  • Archived (active vs. archived status of job)
  • Requisition ID (if applicable based on optional usage of requisition management feature)
  • Number of Positions
  • Job Stats (based on the current status group to which applicants to this position are assigned - all status codes in your site fall into one of the below five groups)
    • Started
    • Completed
    • Met BQ
    • Interviewed
    • Hired