LinkedIn Job Board Integration Q&A

Q:  Does ExactHire ATS have an active job board feed integration with LinkedIn?

A:  Yes - Organic XML feed only (free posting).

Q:  How is the LinkedIn Free job board integration activated for an ExactHire ATS site?

A: The XML feed feature will be activated for the site by the ExactHire development team at the request of the client. Email to request this feature. Please note that the organization must have a Company LinkedIn account (claimed).

Q:  Which jobs are included in the XML feed integration with LinkedIn?

A:  Once the LinkedIn XML feed is activated for the site the feed will share ALL jobs that are listed on the career site.

Q:  How are candidates delivered to the ExactHire ATS?

A:  Candidates are redirected from LinkedIn to the ExactHire ATS to apply for the job. 

Q:  How often will the LinkedIn XML feed be updated?

A:  LinkedIn will read and update the feed once per day. It takes up to a few hours for the updates to propagate fully.

Q:  How do I close jobs on LinkedIn when using the XML feed?

A:  Close the job(s) on the career site. This will remove the jobs from the XML feed, and the job(s) will be closed on LinkedIn the next time the feed is updated.

Q:  Can I "refresh" my old jobs by changing the dates?

A:  No. The job will show the date when the job was originally imported.

Q:  Are duplicate entries allowed?

A:  No, duplicate listings within the same category and location will be filtered out automatically. If a duplicate listing is found, LinkedIn will remove the old listing.