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Manually Add Applicants to Jobs

There may be times when an ATS user would like to add an applicant to consideration for a specific job listing but the applicant is unable to complete the application him/herself.

Or, maybe a recruiter finds that an applicant might be better suited for a different job listing than is currently or soon to be available. There are a couple of different ways to manually add an applicant for a specific job listing:

  • Add a new applicant to a job listing
  • Copy an existing applicant to consideration for a different job listing

Add a new applicant to a job listing
Use this approach when the applicant does not yet exist within your the ATS. Navigate to the Jobs dashboard and select the Job Listings tab. Click on the Manually Add icon, silhouette with a plus icon, next to the job listing for which you would like to add an applicant.

A new window will open prompting you to enter contact and account information for the applicant.
With this approach, you may wish to contact the newly added applicant to notify him/her of your actions. Below is some example text that might be helpful in communicating to your applicant via email (NOTE: Be sure and replace the "yourcompany" subdomain in the URL addresses below with your own company's ATS subdomain). You might also consider adding this as an email template within the ATS if you plan on manually adding new applicants often.

Dear #first_name#,
We have created a profile on your behalf and submitted your application to the #job_title# position. We encourage you to log on to your profile at https://yourcompany.hirecentric.com/account/ using the email address to which I have sent this email notification. You will need to request  your password by clicking "Forgot Password" or by navigating to this page https://yourcompany.hirecentric.com/account/forgot_password.php

Many thanks,
Your Company

NOTE: Sometimes, when adding a new applicant, you will be notified that the candidate's email address already exists in the system. This may mean that he/she is a previous applicant within your careers portal, or, that he/she has previously applied within another ATS careers portal in the past (one of our other clients). When this occurs, you will see a red text notification and may then select the "Add This Applicant" button that appears at the right, as in the below image.
Copy an existing applicant to consideration for a different job listing
Use this option when the applicant already exists within your portal because he/she has previously applied for at least one other job listing.

Navigate to the existing applicant's record. Depending on your user permissions, you will see an option to copy the applicant to a new job listing.

If you do not see this area reach out to your ATS Administrator or Support as there are a couple of reason why your user may not have access to this feature:
  1. This feature has not yet been turned on in your ATS.
  2. The user type you are assigned doesn't currently permit you to copy applicants to other jobs.

NOTE: Assigned Users may never copy applicants to other job listing. Manager Users may be allowed the ability to copy applicants to other postings. Administrators may change the permissions on a Manager User at any time. Indicate "yes" for the Enable Copy Applicants field of the user settings.

Special Consideration
If you plan the Add Applicant feature within ATS, please note that this should be used in connection to job using a standard one-step application. If you have the two-step application enabled for a position and do opt to use the Add Applicant feature, the applicant will be prompted to complete the entire application in one step rather than two steps.

Some additional considerations:
  • When invited to update an application, the applicant MUST access the job site/application using the link in the "Further Information Requested from..." invitation email. If the applicant logs in directly, bypassing the invitation email link, his/her application will be noted as "Complete" and he/she cannot click continue.  Going through the email link will allow the system to show the "Continue" link.
  • Since an applicant will see the full application (i.e. no two-step process is available for manually added apps), the instructions on the application will represent the one-phase, full application instructions, rather than the short application instructions.