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Mass Application Updates

The mass application features found in the APPLICATIONS view will allow a user to make updates to and/or email several applicants with minimal actions.

  • Select the applicant(s) that should be updated by clicking the corresponding checkbox or using the select all check box. 
  • The mass action buttons will be activated.
    • Use the Email button to send an email to all selected applicants. A Communication Template may be used when creating the email message.
    • Use the Disqualify button to disqualify the selected applicants. The Disqualification Reason pop up will appear allowing for the selection of reason(s) for disqualification.
    • Use the Reinstate button to reinstate (remove disqualification label) from selected applicants.
    • Use the Application Stage drop down menu to select a new application stage for the selected applicants. The Advancement Reason pop up will appear, allowing for the selection of reason(s) for the stage change. 
    • Use the Archive drop down menu to archive or unarchive the selected applicants.
    • Use the Assign Users button to assign the selected applicants to specific user(s).