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Mass Update Selected Jobs

The Update Selected Jobs feature found in the JOBS view will allow a user to make edits or updates to several jobs with minimal actions.

  • Select the job(s) that should be modified by clicking the checkbox or using the select all check box. Click Update Selected Jobs.
  • The Edit Jobs box will appear.
  • To make the edits based on the settings found in a previously created Job Template use the ‘Start From Job Template’ dropdown. 
  • Whether a Job Template is used or not, select the appropriate field(s) to be updated by either using the Select All option, or use the individual checkboxes to update only specific field(s). Once the field(s) has been selected, alter the content by either selecting from the dropdown menu or providing new information. 

Please note that the checkbox must be selected in order to alter the information in the field. 

  • Click the EDIT JOBS button to save the changes.
  • A confirmation box will appear on screen. Click CONFIRM to proceed with changes. Take note of the number of jobs indicated to be altered.
  • After the updates have been made a final confirmation notification will appear on screen. Click CLOSE.
  • All selected jobs have now had the selected fields updated to reflect the newly selected/entered information.